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Stephanie Kohler

"This is my third year with SBCP so the preschool feels like family. My eldest is now in kindergarten and thinks it is easy! He was absolutely well-prepared and looks forward to school. My youngest is now in 3s preschool and is doing very well. He tells us he loves his friends and his teachers.

Everyone who I have invited to events from the preschool always have positive comments to share. It is easy to witness that this preschool is something quite special.  We are so happy to have found it."

Christine Nuhfer

"I love the teachers Sam has had.  Ms Valerie is amazing and helpful.  Sam is thriving under the teachers there. I love that the school is Christian based that is very important to me. I would highly recommend this school to anyone." 

Ally Snyder

"Student to teacher ratio is amazing, the classroom feel and location of the preschool were my top 3 reasons for coming. The teachers have timed instruction and take breaks reflective of what is done in kindergarten.

As a parent with a child that went to SBCP for 2 years, and is now in kindergarten, shes ahead of her schedule in the classroom for learning and is reading at almost 1st grade level. I really think having a child go to preschool for 2 years put her at an advantage.

The favorite thing about my youngest going to SBCP is the "free play" time is still very educational and the lessons taught are play based but still learning. Shes learning without realizing it."

Jodi Ward 

"Small Beginnings felt like a safe fun place to send my kids.  The brightly colored rooms are fun and exciting to the kids.  Everything is always clean, organized and you feel like you are a part of a family. Everyone is so nice, helpful, and hey always have a smile on their faces!  All the teachers and staff members are great with the kids and parents!  They are all patient and they have prepared my children for the next step in their lives!

Thank you Small Beginnings"

Jenn Sherwin

"We love Small Beginnings! The school is very balanced in addressing all needs of the child; they support social-emotional development, provide opportunities for learning in all cognitive/academic areas, and present religious education at just the right level for the age group. The groups are kept small enough that the teachers are able to really get to know each child as an individual. I am always impressed by the little details they notice and their willingness and ability to adapt behavioral guidance to the individual child. My formerly clingy child now pushes me out the door when we arrive at his classroom. He loves his class and his teachers, and he clearly feels very safe, respected, and cared for at Small Beginnings. He has definitely learned a lot and matured since starting last Fall...

Continued from Jenn Sherwin

...On another note:

Though my son isn't in the young 5s program, I love that this is an option. These programs are hard to find but very much needed with the continuing heightened expectations for kindergarten children and the standards push down of the last couple decades. I do see many of the projects and such from this classroom, as I provide transportation for a child in the young 5s class, and it is really a wonderful program. I wish more parents in the area were aware of this option, as I frequently hear the readiness debate happening for those with birthdays close to the "cut off."

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