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SBCP Director

Small Beginnings Christian Preschool is a preschool where I can share my love of Jesus with the smallest of God's precious children. I can teach them lessons of love, forgiveness, safety, comfort and compassion that they carry with them throughout their lives after they graduate.


I have seen friendships between students and their families that have lasted for years beyond their time at preschool.  It is my hope that the parents also keep the love of Jesus alive in their hearts as well as in their child's heart. I love to see these lasting relationships that have formed from one first interaction at our preschool.


Our preschool staff is one of the most loving and caring group of individuals that I have ever worked with. They take the time to listen for understanding to each child and then respond to any triumph or concern individually.   The children are encouraged to try many new things to develop social, emotional, academic and small and large motor skills. We are told that our graduates are some of the most prepared kindergarten students in the many different school districts when they move forward.


I believe we are Blessed to Be a Blessing.  I strive for our preschool to be a Blessing to everyone who enters. 




I am actually a Small Beginnings graduate and have now come back to be the secretary for Small Beginnnings in September 2019! 

I have worked in Maumee United Methodist Church's nursery for about 7 years now and love working with children and seeing the joy that comes to their face when they learn new things each day. 

If you have any questions for me you can email me by using the button below and I will get back you as soon as possible.



Blue Room Teacher

I fell in love with the preschool when my oldest son attended in 2001 and then I began working here when my younger son attended in 2005.


I love working at Small Beginnings because the blessings and rewards I get each day make it a high paying job.



Blue Room Teacher

"Let the little children come unto me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. " Matthew 19:14

Small Beginnings Christian Preschool allows me the opportunity to follow our Lord's command and how like the Lord, to also bless me with the daily love I receive from these children as I love them through Christ.



Green Room Teacher

I love working with young children and being their first introduction to school. My goal is to have them develop a love of learning that will stay with them as they continue on with their education.



Green Room Teacher

I love coming to work everyday at Small Beginnings Christian Preschool because I enjoy witnessing preschoolers grow in their knowledge and love of God. All the teachers and staff work so well together as a team to support one another. I feel blessed to work in such a caring community.



Blue Room Teacher

I work at SBCP because my son, Bryce spent 3 years at Small Beginnings and I witnessed first hand the relationships the children shared with their teachers. His teachers had such a positive impact on him and his outlook of school. He learned so much socially and was extremely prepared for kindergarten. I’m honored to have a small part in setting that foundation for our students and hope I’m giving them same positive impact that Bryce received!



Orange Room Teacher

I love working with children and being able to watch them become secure in themselves. Watching them learn they can do almost anything is amazing!